Form Productive Communities! Maker Cooperatives Can Make Revolution

The video below is from the Transition to Ecosocialism Conference held in New York City last month. This is part 2 of 3 where friend of Revolt Lab Quincy Saul makes an inspiring call to immediate action. Quincy is one of the best human people I have known. A great friend, a ravenous theoretician, and committed activist.

He puts forward a two point program for immediate organization around preparing for revolution:

1. Form Productive Communities!

Makers! Did you get that one?! This is the definition of what it means to be a maker. Making can go beyond  just our basements, garages, and internet forums. Makers have the potential to form tight-knit communities that produce outside of the limitations of capitalist production. Form a cooperative and make LED throwies! It’s a step in the right direction. Once that community is formed, you have the power to modify production for people, for needs, for immediate community problems that traditional businesses are blind to.

2. Link Up!

Makers are great at this. We need to share our unique creations with one another and depend on advice and support from members of our online communities. We are however, linked up as a collection of individuals working on our personal pet projects. For linking up to work, we need to form productive communities in real space, in warehouses, in apartments, in reappropriated abandoned plots, buildings, and alleyways. The internet will help with sharing information and knowledge, but that knowledge needs to help build physical communities. Hook up with Community Supported Agriculture. Help out the homeless shelter. Through your making, address concerns of women, farmers, workers, children, unemployed etc. Your community has problems with how it treats one or all of these groups of people. Those already working on these issues need help! As makers, we can go beyond porting Mario to our calculators. As a productive community, we can go beyond making donations, or showing up at a demonstration.  We can make things! Food, tools, PA systems, the list is endless.

After the nuclear disaster in Japan, hackerspaces around the world made their own geiger counters and posted instructions so that those people at risk of radiation exposure could make their own and compile collective data. That was spontaneous. Imagine what would be possible with even a minimally linked infrastructure of makers and communities.

Forming these maker cooperatives is the first step toward a democratic free collective of producers. It is vital. It is liberating. It has immediate impact. It is doable.

Share your thoughts in the comments!

The Transition to Ecosocialism – Quincy Saul (Part 2) from Estreito Meio Productions on Vimeo.


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