T-Shirts are Finally Here!

That’s right! Those t-shirts we have been promising you are finally ready! You can choose size, color, image colors, and material! Order one today and be the first in your lab, garage, or hackerspace with a Revolt Lab t-shirt! We chose to screen print our own because screen printing offers the best quality garment. By making our own we get to control the conditions under which the shirts are made and the materials we buy! Yes the garment industry is an exploitative one, but maybe if you buy a shirt or two we can afford to start supporting garment cooperatives or at least buy our blank shirts fair trade! If you are dying to get your hands on one of our shirts but are dead broke, you can still enter our ongoing project contest for your chance to win a free shirt! Any project with documentation qualifies. Lucky for you, we are extending the deadline to the end of October!


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