There is an URGENT need for solidarity for our brothers and sister in NH. They need people to help them occupy the space and camp out. If there are not enough people the cops WILL TRY TO MAKE THEM LEAVE! Its just 1 hour out of town. Victory Park, Manchester NH!

Our extremely peaceful community has been occupying Victory Park since 10/15. We have been feeding and housing the homeless, joining together in discussions and decision making processes, and marching around Manchester to raise awareness of our location and the issues that we as individuals care about.

This is a movement of movements, our agenda is to give every individual a voice as part of the 99% of the population whose voice has been ignored. We all have demands, some are shared, others are strictly those of an individual, but we believe that every person has a voice which should be heard.

Despite our peaceful presence, our beneficial actions to our community, and our voluntarily organized mediation of disputes, the police have still decided that we may no longer remain. They have told us that the park has been more peaceful since we arrived, and had no complaints about individual behavior. We have even witnessed individual officers showing support as we march.

We are occupying this park to support the global Occupy movement, and to create a location for individuals to express their solidarity. We are at Victory Park because the City of Manchester asked us to locate ourselves here, and out of respect for a police event honoring their fallen we have complied with that request.

We are saddened by this turn of sentiment by the police and city, and will discuss our options and plans at our General Assembly in Victory Park at 7pm Monday evening, and again at Noon on Tuesday. Our apparent deadline is 11pm Tuesday evening, which does allow for our next major assembly on Tuesday as well.

We are calling for all to join us in demonstrating direct democracy in Victory Park immediately and going forward.”



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