Oakland Dispatches from Boots

Boots Riley leads a march to shut down the Port of Oakland

Mayor Quan, OPD, and other city officials are barraging the media with lies about Occupy Oakland. The media is printing their lies without also printing the facts show the officials’ statements to be false.

On the tragic shooting last night:

OPD and Quan’s office have made claims that police attention to Occupy Oakland caused them to be unable to prevent the shooting last night. However, the shooting happened right near Occupy Oakland- so if police were there then they would’ve seen it occurring. So- either they weren’t there, or they were- and the shooting happened anyway. Either way, there is no logical way to blame Occupy Oakland, yet the media prints the lies as official truth.

Occupy Oakland medics were immediately on the scene, treating the man who was shot. As you may know, ambulances won’t come to a shooting incident until police have been there and checked out the scene.

If OPD is saying that they’re wasting resources watching Occupy Oakland, then the logical thing to do is to stop watching Occupy Oakland. OPD is the only one of the parties to cause physical harm. And, as you see by the YouTube clips, they do so unprovoked.

On the idea that Occupy Oakland scares away Downtown Business:

This is a lie.

If you look at the Downtown businesses, they are FULL of people during the day. And many of them are supportive.

Occupy Oakland is helping those businesses in the short run with more foot traffic than they usually see. The folks in the Chamber Of Commerce who are against it are actually just politically against the goals of the movement, so they are lying about the effect to Downtown business.

In the long run, Occupy Oakland will cause people to have higher wages and better living conditions, which will cause them to spend more. The truth about Downtown Oakland business, though, is that it’s been hurting since I was a kid in the 80s. Retail space there has always been DIRT CHEAP due to people not spending in Downtown Oakland. Very few successful retail businesses ever happened there. I know someone who has a nice sized storefront in the area of 14th and Broadway and it is around $500 month since summer. Close to BART and everything.

Occupy Oakland is actually bringing foot traffic of people that can spend money AND is providing free food and clothes to those that CAN’T spend money. Larry Reid, Jean Quan, et al, are lying.

On the idea that Occupy Oakland is mainly folks from out of town:

Wrong. Most of the folks I know that are involved in Occupy Oakland actually live in Oakland and have for years. This includes the people of color that are involved, as well as the white folks.

Besides that- everyone who is part of Occupy Oakland is not really represented by the media. The rank-and-file that I know in the ILWU and SEIU are largely people of color. They have been and are part of Occupy Oakland as well. I don’t know any other radical grouping that has been able to bridge the gap between overtly class conscious, cross-trade action and labor in Oakland, which is largely People Of Color.

I’ve worked with many groups over the years and although it is true that Occupy Oakland has a lot of White people at this time, it is a radical grouping that has more Black folks that are actually FROM the hood involved than I’ve seen involved with groups that identify as Black radical/revolutionary groups.

You know who else was criticized for supposedly having mainly White people at their rallies, in a city with so many Black, Latino, and Asian folks? The Black Panther Party.

That being said- Occupy Oakland- especially the folks of color that are involved- is trying to be involved in campaigns that bring more folks of color into the fold.

This is a brand-new movement, with real problems that have no way of being solved without holding our ground and pushing forward.

Via Boots Riley


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