Retake Oakland! 4pm

Let’s do this.
Meet at 4pm in front of the Main Library.

This is the plan.

Show up there and we will march to the plaza to take it back.

They can’t outspend us- we do this for free.

This is about the campaigns that we’re starting to engage in- the camp is merely a base. But it is important to have that base.

This 1 month old movement has captured everyone’s imagination and has clearly put forward, to to the whole world, a radical class analysis to basic problems in the system.

Due to our taking action on it at Occupy Oakland- reaching out to and working with labor, students, veterans groups, community groups, anarchists, socialists, communists and others- we have shown that we can actually do more than just point out contradictions in the system. We’ve shown that we can galvanize tens of thousands to cripple industry- and in the future- make demands that they have no choice in meeting.

In Oakland, we help people fight Wall Street in the workplace.
We will also be moving families back into foreclosed homes they’ve been evicted from.

These are the real reason cities and police departments around the country are conferring with each other about how to stop the Occupy Wall Street movement. In each city, the come with the same supposed list of problems. Bit those aren’t the real problems. The politic is their problem.

The problems that they say are there at the camp- some are made up, some are real.
The real problems are problems that exist in Oakland already- they are not brought on by Occupy Oakland. Most people understand this. However, the bigger problems that we are trying to directly deal with- bank foreclosures and wages being too low- are part of the answer to making life better for everyone. The city’s way of handling homelessness and people having to hustle to survive by sending people to jail. We are going to address those issues by freeing up housing and doing direct actions to raise pay. There are a lot of low paying jobs in Oakland that come from billion dollar businesses that could easily pay more. We plan to make that happen.

We feed 1000 people per day at Occupy Oakland.
We have and will continue to allow the amphitheater to be used by whomever wants to use it during the day. We have had no problem working with other groups who want to use the amphitheater and encourage those groups to work with us on our other campaigns. The only use issue is with the actual grass at the plaza, which is where the tents are pitched. That part of the plaza was barely used before. I think that it’s a good thing that it be used for the camp, as what we have is a group of folks advocating for better living conditions and better wealth distribution for the 99%- of which most of Oakland falls into.

As far as downtown business is concerned- read my other posts. Occupy Oakland actually has a small business liaison committee and we have support of most of the small point-of-purchase businesses in the area. Why? We bring foot traffic that otherwise isn’t there. Traditionally, downtown business relies almost solely on people that work downtown and people who transfer buses downtown. Neither of those spending demographics have changed. We’ve simply added hundreds of new people everyday spending money. The primarily big-bank-funded Chamber Of Commerce is lying. They don’t represent the small businesses downtown for whom they claim to speak.

Be part of this.
This movement will change the world.

Via Boots Riley


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