Miscreation: Great Comics and Cool Dino Bike!

Dapple, donkey-dinosaur hybrid magic purple Huffy-mobile of fun and doom…well, she’s been showing some rust around the rims…so i decided to give her a little makeover…total body sculpt…show ’em what Huffys are made of…


step 1: disassembly
Dapple goes to pieces
step 2: file every bit of rust, paint, and miscellaneous junk off a’ her
shiny shine
stronger than dirt

step 3: paint

puttin’ on the primer coat
all primed up
green is for dinosaurs
did i mention she glows under blacklight?
a key ingredient
sparkle sparkle
and more sparkles

step 4: decorate

windmill stencil
Dapple stencil
hope the glue holds
just so’s everyone knows who she is

step 5: wheels

lots of spare bottle caps…
…low-budge spoke beads – they make a nice clikkety-clak sound

shiny shine details for the wheels…

step 6: handle-bars are her hands

do donkeys have horns?
they do now. wire and yuengling cans plus a coat of amber shellac
dino claws

step 7: misc details

flower child
all-important mascot
my ass on the flag

step 8: reassembly

after many weeks, she’s starting to come together

step 9:…

the proper work environment is the key to success

unfortunately, i don’t have any pix of the finished dapple…we’re undergoing a period of separation right now: dapple is relaxing in a garage in pennsylvania while i sit, bikeless, in colorado…when we are reunited in march, we will do a photo shoot…then i will ride dapple into heaven…

Via Miscreation


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