The 19th and Telegraph OO site was raided. Police waited til very few people were out there. Many people held it down all night and then had to go home to sleep. There weren’t as many tents as people, obviously.

The OO text alert went out, calling for folks to re-occupy Oscar Grant Plaza right now.

This is a perfect opportunity for everyone- including those who didn’t like the idea of the 19th & Telegraph spot to help re-occupy OGP.

Reports are that police presence is light. Even those at Snow Park should come out. The whole of Occupy Oakland is large in size and reach, but there aren’t enough campers to split it up. The Snow Park folks aren’t holding their own GAs- so why would an ideological difference be helped by having a separate camp.

I personally didn’t like the whole process of the decision to take 19th and Telegraph, and voiced that on the OO Facebook pages. These are problems that need to be worked out, and I think there are easy solutions.

However, right now, we must be unified.

The city government, state government, federal government, the 1%, and their knowing and unknowing allies don’t want ANY kind of Occupy Wall Street movement and will fight it on all fronts. This movement has too much potential for them to not fight it. However, we can maybe get the city to be at a stalemate as they can’t suffer the pressure that comes from deciding to spend millions to evict us, while closing down schools.

The encampments are very important. This is why they want them gone.

As someone who has organized in Oakland since I was 14 in 1985, I have have witnessed movements and organizations being rendered virtually and literally invisible to most people in Oakland and the U.S.- even when the campaigns were relevant. The physical presence of the camp let’s the public know that the movement is here. It makes everyone consider their relationship to the movement and the system. This hasn’t happened in 40 years. They are pulling out all the stops to make the movement disappear. Let’s understand what we have and keep it going. This situation and opportunity doesn’t come around very often in history.

The camps are also a base of operations. This is important. At Occupy Oakland we have problems that come from there being so many people involved. Varying backgrounds, ideologies, and styles. This is a very good problem. If your movement doesn’t have this problem, you don’t have much of a chance.

Every movement in history- recent and long ago- has had serious differences within its ranks. From the civil rights movement, the black power movement, the 60s student movements, and successful revolutionary movements in other countries. The differences in the revolutionary were so serious and controversial that volumes of books were written about them at the time. One of the keys to all of those movements separately ending were the sides polarizing and splitting up. Cointelpro didn’t always have to invent differences in the movement, it played on them, heightened them, and purposely caused folks to feel that they couldn’t work together. In the age of the internet, they don’t even need undercover agents to do that.

Our whole is so many times greater than the sum of our parts.

We have a lot of campaigns jumping off- and that is the reason for the movement in the first place, so we need to so solidify this encampment and move on.

I am on tour right now and am not near Oakland. I wish I were.

If you are in the area please get there. If you’re not going to camp, please bring a tent for those who want to camp.



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