“The whole world is watching, so dress for it!”

The Radical Snuggie is a DIY Winter-Resistant Protest Garment.

Between raids and rain, many occupiers are struggling with improvised winterization. Why cover yourself in a garbage bag when you could model an eye-catching Radical Snuggie made with tear-resistant, fashionable shower curtains? Make your occupation comfy. Stay (quite) warm and (kinda) dry in a Radical Snuggie.

Special design features include:

* Elastic drawstring transforms your Radical Snuggie into a warm, dry sleeping sac at night *

* Or, simply sleep standing up in a mobile cocoon, avoiding those pesky new “park rules”

* Layer-look adds heft for burning off extra Occu-Pie and PBJ calories as you hoist this monster Snuggie about

* Plus, Velcro signage lets you rest your weary arms on marches *

* Built-in scarf turns your witty political statement into a jaunty fashion statement *

* More Special Add-Ons make your Radical Snuggie imminently customizable to withstand the authority assault weapons of choice in your locale *

This Instructable, The Complete Radical Snuggie, is a step-by-step guide for creating your very own Radical Technicolor Dream Snuggie, using basic sewing skills and inexpensive materials from your local dollar store. Make one today for yourself, for a loved one, or to donate to the cause.

Via Instructables


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