Why the December 12th Port Blockade is the Beginning of the Revolution!

-By Will- revoltlab.com

     In two short months, the Occupy movement has drastically changed public discourse. ‘Class’ and ‘exploitation’ are now acceptable vocabulary. The word capitalism has replaced the word ‘economy’. We have real class consciousness on a national level thanks to the occupiers, and this victory has come at the price of arrests, beatings, pepper spray, batons, rubber bullets, flashbang grenades, and exposure to the elements. We know what we want and we know how to get it.

Crustaceans agree! Occupy Wall Street On the Waterfront!

     Our movement is one in direct contradiction with the interests of the rich, of the major industrial and financial capitalists and their politicians, of the 1%. We have demanded an end to Citizens United and corporate ownership of the electoral system. We have demanded meaningful banking regulations and a reinstatement of Glass-Steagall to control financial speculation. We have demanded prosecution of bankers and a moratorium on the foreclosures that keep those bankers rich at the expense of the poor. Our demands are their fears.

     Our numbers scared them in New York. They sent in the armed guards of private property to beat us; we grew as a result. Our numbers scared them in Oakland; they nearly killed one us. Our numbers continue to terrify them all over the country in Boston, San Francisco, Portland, and countless other cities. Every time they use force to silence us, we gain members, we extend outreach, we march longer, we chant louder. State violence can radicalize whole communities over night. Most importantly, state repression is a sign that we are on the right path! Capitalism cannot be reformed by puppet politicians. The revolution is not a dinner party. To challenge the power of a ruling class, is to challenge violence economic, social, political, personal, emotional, and physical and we continue to challenge it.

     In light of our new found class consciousness, and in response to violent state repression of the revolution, Occupy will execute a coordinated attack on the 1%, on the major capitalists that control the wealth, power, and politics of this nation. This Monday December 12, the entire western coastline of North America from California to Alaska including Canada will be blockaded. Texas and Massachusetts will also participate. Railway workers in Japan will stop transporting goods. No port will operate. No commodities will move. The major capitalists will lose millions; We will have a party on the pier.

     Our greatest strength is our numbers. In order to beat back the counterrevolution we must show the 1% that we are more trouble to them outside our encampments than in them! We must attack the source of their power, their capital. We must defend the gains of the revolution, our language, our encampments, our collective actions.

Scare the the sh%t out of the ruling class this Monday! Occupy Wall Street on the Waterfront!

Boston rally meets at 4pm at Government Center!

Visit your local occupy web page to find out where and when to attack.

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