Record of Police Violence During Port Actions

This morning San Diego’s picket line at the port was held for three hours until broken by police, after which longshoremen crossed picket lines and went to work. Several people were violently snatched and arrested.

Also this morning in Houston marchers were snatched by police, handcuffed and lain out on the ground. The fire department covered them in a giant red inflatable tent to conceal what they were doing to them from the rest of the protesters. Many cops had tape covering their names and badge numbers. In the hours following police repression increased, mounted police attacked protesters followed by more arrests, and there was one report of a gun being pulled on someone parking their car near the protest.

Denver, Longmont, Boulder and Greely gathered at the WalMart distribution center in Loveland Colorado this morning to blockade the trucks in solidarity with the West Coast Blockade. Protesters were dragged away by police and arrested.

Seattle’s blockade this evening, after being brutally beaten back at one terminal is currently being tear gassed, and flash grenades are being deployed. Some arrests have been made, but no word on the number.

Both San Diego and Seattle have requested an extension of the blockade, in solidarity with them for the police repression they have endured.

Via West Coast Port Shutdown


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