Boston People! We Need You Today!

Ironic “Pro-Corporate” March
12-2 pm leaving from the Parkman Bandstand (Boston Commons)

Mayor Menino has said that he’d “hate our city to ever be associated with anti-corporate protests.” In an effort to be accommodating, we’re calling for an (ironic) “Pro-Corporate” March that should be right up his alley.

Come on out in your finest 1%er costume and bring signage to match!!!


You get the idea.

~2-4 pm at the Commons

We’ll relax, eat, and socialize between actions. If you can, bring enough food to share!

Occupy Boston Tea Party
~4-5 pm leaving the Commons

The Boston Tea Party wasn’t just a direct action against the British government; it was also directed against the abuses of the monopolistic East India Company. Sound familiar?

Join us as we make this historical connection explicit by re-enacting the Boston Tea Party, Occupy-style. Please bring small signs to label crates full of things that YOU would like to dump into the water. Also: as much fake money as you can manage!

Via Occupy Boston


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