Read Capital with Friends!

Capital is Karl Marx’s defining work. This book is what Marxism  means (or at least, it is the bare minimum). It is a must read for anyone of any ideology who wants greater insight into the inner workings of capitalism. It is also several hundred pages of 19th century economic jargon translated form the original german. As such, those seeking to climb the intellectual heights are often put off by the seemingly impossible task.

But now the Socialist Caucus of Occupy Boston is having an online Capital Vol 1 reading group! Read a chapter every few weeks, discuss with readers of all levels, and get real answers to your questions! Everyone of any and all ideological backgrounds is welcome! Capital is daunting, but once you start you won’t put it down! Join the google group today and prepare for an amazing experience!

By the end you will understand what socialists mean by the word ‘exploitation’. It’s something like what you are thinking, but can you explain exploitation algebraically? What the hell is money anyway? Where does value come from? How did capitalism start? All these answers and more await!

Capital Vol. 1 FREE ONLINE!

Capital Vol. 1 AUDIOBOOK (also free!)

Read along with this free lecture series!

Once you make it to chapter 7, you will nearly have made it! The rest is a piece of stolen cake!



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