The Boston Occupier needs your help!

occupierImage 300x200 The Boston Occupier needs your help!

The latest issue of The Boston Occupier is coming out THIS WEDNESDAY (Dec 21st), We want to get out the word — all over Boston, and beyond — that our movement is growing, changing, and as urgent as ever. WE NEED HELP DISTRIBUTING. Here is the game-plan.

* Our BIG DISTRIBUTION PUSH is the Wednesday afternoon commute. WE NEED VOLUNTEERS!! We want to hit all the busiest T stations; let’s have commuters on every line reading our papers. Volunteers should MEET AT 4 PM at “E5” (33 Harrison Ave, 5th floor). (If you can’t come until 5 or 6, that’s ok too.) It’s more fun to go out in pairs, so hopefully we’ll have enough volunteers to make that possible. Wear your Santa hats, your OB tee-shirts and buttons, whatever — and let’s get out the Occupy news!

* Copies of the paper will be available for anyone and everyone to pick up, beginning at noon on Wednesday in the Occupy Boston cubicle of “E5” (33 Harrison Ave, 5th floor). All of the papers (all 10,000 of them!) must be gone by the end of the week. Please take a stack and commit to distributing them in your community (small stacks in cafes, libraries, bookshops, laundry mats, community centers, waiting rooms, etc). In this issue: coverage of OB since Dewey, the raid, City Life / Vida Urbana, the student debt boycott, democratizing the economy, “Occupy la Migra,” protests at Harvard, movements all over Massachusetts, & more.

* If you are a part of another local-area Occupy movement, a union, or a community organization that is willing to distribute papers — let’s make it happen! Send questions or suggestions about distribution to Julie O ( — or, better yet, just pick up a big pile of papers from E5.

Via Occupy Boston


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