One Year Anniversary! and Hate Mail

Today is the one year anniversary of Revolt Lab! Thank you to all of our readers who make this site worthwhile. Without you there would be no Revolt Lab. We have come a long way in just one year. We created and documented several open source projects including the Plantduino Greenhouse, the Perfduino Microcontroller, and the SUBcomandante Solar USB Box. We have opened our own online store with Revolt Lab T-shirts and stickers for sale. We even have custom printing services in the store to print your designs. Jost this week we have started a contract position with to write tutorial science articles!

Here are some interesting statistics on our first year:

  • 49,212 total views
  • 3,228 views on our busiest day
  • 280 posts
  • 805 google searches for revolt lab
  • 31 wordpress followers
  • 48 facebook subscribers

We received one donation and one piece of hate mail. I have been waiting many months to publish this so for your pleasure the hate mail we received is reproduced below in its entirety (WARNING strong language):

Very humorous…your selective stance on principal. Back in the real
world we typically refer to that as hypocrisy.
How much more bourgeois can one be than to trademark something? Why
are you concerned with getting credit for something? Trying to
establish your rightful position in the exploitative social
engineering game I suppose. Go to the collective non-exploitative junk
recycling center and see if you can find a mirror that you might
barter some of your life experience and wisdom for. Sit with it. Stare
into it. Consider carefully what you behold.

Has it ever dawned on any of you that the very essence of civilization
relies on the establishment and enforcement of property rights?
That’s why regardless of ethnicity or geography everybody shares one
common thread of humanity…the desire to be left the fuck alone and
not be told what to do.

How peculiar that a Marxist would take such an egoistic perspective.
Careful, if you read something other than tripe that supports your
faulty nonsense you may accidentally learn something.

I couldn’t agree more with your attitude or general disgust with the
status quo, but citing the Center for Economic and Policy Research as
a “best source” of anything is quite the intellectual hoot. It’s not
easy but try to find informational sources that don’t already have a
dogmatic ax to grind and consider the back grounds of those offering
opinion as fact. Harvard and SUNY…please! The former being the
ultimate plastic model making factory of all time. Where do you see
original thinking in institutions that quash all but their accepted
“One True Path”? Intellectual farce of fraud, much like the teat
sucking economists cited as experts at The Center. Funny…I didn’t
see any real jobs listed in their collective bio’s. Pure coincidence I
suppose. I’ll bet they can write the fuck out of a grant proposal
though. Us real worlder’s refer to that as Intellectual bankruptcy,
akin to a politico telling constituents to buy electric armadillos
whilst they ride about town in their limo.

Grow the fuck up. Go read a copy of Atlas Shrugged or something and
get yee to a de-programmer. There are only two reasons people embrace
Marxist theory; one, as an easy way for horny college boys and
predator professors to get laid. The other, because they’ve come to
realize that it’s easier than getting off of their ass and doing
something productive…and no college doesn’t count -neither attending
or teaching.

BTW, economists know dick. That’s why they’re not fit for anything but
gov’t tit sucking and teaching a new flock of suckers. If they’re so
smart, ask them to explain why the Fed that was created by one of the
first true progressives, is in fact owned by the very antithesis of
the people?

So much to learn and so little intellectual curiosity with which to
initiate it. Truly a shame.

So that was encouraging. Glad to know Ayn Rand fans dislike the site. That letter was sent to us by one

Jamie Coffman
Do with this information what you feel is best as a free individual who cannot be told what to do.
Thanks again to all of our readers! If you check out Revolt Lab regularly, or have found something on the site you are particularly interested in, let us know by posting a comment on this post! We love to hear from you all.


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2 responses to “One Year Anniversary! and Hate Mail

  1. Drew

    Keep up the good work Will! Though I wonder about the wisdom of giving a platform to your only troll, who might have otherwise continued to have their bile ignored by the rest of the world. Trolls want attention! They want to quarrel! I think the best we can do is ignore them.

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