Wobs & Allies Hold 2 Rallies to Protest Brutality by Cambridge Police

This weekend the IWW held two separate actions in Harvard Square to protest the Cambridge Police’s 11/14/13 attack on our legal picket at Insomnia Cookies, where the union is conducting an organizing drive. Cambridge cops swarmed our picket, assaulted and then arrested a Wobbly — supposedly for assaulting them! Our Fellow Worker was punched, thrown on a car trunk and then the ground, and pinned partially under a car before being dragged away. This was a totally unprovoked attack on a legal picket on a public sidewalk. IWW members and allies protested in Harvard Square on Friday 11/15, and returned on Saturday 11/16, making the streets of Cambridge ring with our chants (“Cambridge PD / Stop the brutality!”), and letting community members know what local cops have been doing to suppress labor rights, civil liberties and free speech.

IWW members protest police brutality in Cambridge MA


IWW and allies chant against police violence in Harvard Square.



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