NLRB decides four IWW members were illegally fired!

The NLRB has decided that the four IWW members, who went on strike at Insomnia Cookies in Harvard Square, Cambridge, were illegally fired. The Board has asked Insomnia to provide backpay to all four strikers, and to offer reinstatement to the two who remain in the area. The company has not agreed, so the Board may soon issue a Complaint against the company. While it’s important not to exaggerate the significance of the Labor Board’s potential role, this is good news for the Insomnia Cookies campaign.

Even more importantly, there are reports from inside stores of improvements to working conditions, and a new attention to providing break time, based on our unrelenting pickets and PR offensive. To all who’ve conducted solidarity actions, sent messages of support and donations<;, helped w/ phone/email zaps, or come to the picket line here in Boston (including facing down the cops!), our collective efforts are beginning to bear fruit.

remember comrades…

An injury to one is An injury to all!

solidarity forever


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