Plantduino Greenhouse

Step 3: Build a Greenhouse


-two 10 foot long, ½ inch diameter PVC pipes

-three 40 inch long, ½ inch diameter PVC pipes

-Roughly twenty-five 6 inch long Zipties

-at least 9 by 12 feet painters clear painter’s plastic tarp 3mm thick

Waterproofing Tape

-Duct Tape

-Industrial VelCro 




Staple Gun

Measuring Tape


1) First we measured my garden which is about 1 square meter (tiny I know). Then we used complex integration and approximation to measure the arc length of the frame. Just kidding. We just used a tape measure to approximate and then just used the 10 foot measurement that the PVC came in.

2) We used the hacksaw to cut the ends of the PVC pipe at an angle so that they could be easily stuck into the ground. To do this, start about 3 inches from the bottom of the pipe and cut away from yourself at an angle.

3) Stick both ends of the pipe into the ground at opposite sides so that it makes a nice arc. We placed one arc behind and one in front of the garden. We measured three inches to the left and then another three inches away from the garden corners.

4) Next we placed one 40 inch PVC across the top in the center of the arc. We duct taped the ends to the arc.

Next we cut a large portion of the plastic to cover the frame. In all honesty we gestimated the size. Once we draped it over the greenhouse, we secured it with zipties and cut off the excess on either side. We needed two people for the zipties because one person had to keep the side taught the entire time. We secured the plastic to wooden frame of the garden using the staple gun.

To make the end pieces we cut a small piece of the plastic and then draped it over the frame making sure it could touch the ground. Then we simply just ziptied it to the PVC frame, making sure the plastic was held firm.

As we ziptied the back wall we held the plastic as tight as we could. For the front, we left some slack so that the doors could close all the way.

Finally we cut a slit in the front to make the doorway and secure the tear with pieces of duct tape.

We lined the duct tape with the industrial Velcro so that the door can be opened and closed securely.

To seal the sides of the greenhouse, wrap the waterproofing tape around the perimeter of the frame so that there are no openings in the plastic.

Around the perimeter of the garden dig up the grass so that it does not encroach on the garden. I filled the trench with blue stone. Then we dug another small narrow trench so that we could put the wires that connect the sensors to the birdhouse underground. We needed to do that because when my dad mows the lawn any loose wire can be easily caught. We put the wires through PVC pipe to protect them from any sort of natural damage (insects, water, etc). We then buried the PVC pipe in the ground from the deck to the greenhouse (about a yard total).



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