Plantduino Greenhouse

Step 7: Birdhouse Enclosure

We bought a birdhouse from Michael’s Craft Store to put all of the electronics in. You can use whatever enclosure you feel works for your home or environment. Here is what we did.
1 wooden house cd holder- unpainted- Micheal’s Craft Store
Oil paint
Nails (any size)
Screw (any size)
Plywood Sheet (16 inches by 14 inches)- from Micheal’s craft store
Hinges- bought from home depot
Magnetic door clasps- bought from home depot
Clear Plastic Portfolio envelope

1) Paint the Birdhouse: We used oil paints because they are harder for the rain to wash off. Be warned, they take a very long time to dry.
2) Cut the doors: Using a hacksaw I cut the doors out of a piece of plywood.
3) Attach the hinges- I bought a pair of really small hinges at home depot. The screwed on side of the birdhouse and then on the side of the doors.
4) Glue on the Magnetic Door Clasps- The magnetic clasps keep the doors shut. However, the magnets are very strong. You can increase and decrease the force of the magnet by limiting the exposure the magnet and the clasp have. We just hot glued these two pieces on.
5) Weatherproof the birdhouse- We used the plastic from a clear plastic portfolio envelope   to coat the windows and other exposed areas of the birdhouse.
6) Cut holes- We used a drill to drill two holes into the bottom of the birdhouse and two in the second story floor. The holes on the bottom floor of the birdhouse are for the wires from the nails and the thermistor in the greenhouse that are connected to the Garduino microcontroller. The wires connecting the relay box to the micro-controller go through there too.
7) Nail the birdhouse to a sturdy spot- We nailed the birdhouse to the support beam on my deck. We nailed the bottom and the back to make sure it won’t blow away.
8) Put the relay box into the birdhouse. We put it into the bottom floor. We strung the power cord through one of the windows of the house.
9) Put the microcontroller into the box. We put it in the top floor.




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