Center for Economic and Policy Research run by Mark Weisbrot and Dean Baker is one of the best sources for economic analysis of current events.

Marxist Internet Archive Free knowledge from over 600 thinkers of myriad left political and ideological backgrounds! If you are new to radical theory, a popular place to start is the Communist Manifesto. The manifesto is relatively short, full of literary furor and a good intro to Marx’s writing style, but do not expect it to explain much.

Ya No Me Callo This is an excellent blog by radical journalist and theoretician Quincy Saul.

Ecosocialist Horizons “Ecosocialism is a vision of a transformed society in harmony with nature, and the development of practices that can attain it. It is directed toward alternatives to all socially and ecologically destructive systems, such as patriarchy, racism, homophobia and the fossil-fuel based economy. It is based on a perspective that regards other species and natural ecosystems as valuable in themselves and as partners in a common destiny.”

Brendan Mcooney’s youtube channel These videos explain some basic concepts found in Marx’s Capital in a fun and engaging way. Transcripts of the videos and additional theory blogs are available at Brendan Mcooney’s wordpress

Monthly Review is an independent socialist magazine edited by John Bellamy Foster. Lots of articles available for free on the website. Some of the best minds of political economy have written for this magazine including Immanuel Wallerstein and Paul Sweezy.

David Harvey’s free lecture series on Marx’s Capital Volume 1 If you want to go beyond reading the communist manifesto but are intimidated by Marx’s writing, this is the best place to read along. David Harvey is a Marxist geographer and professor of anthropology at the City University of New York.

Richard Wolff’s blog Richard D. Wolff is Professor of Economics Emeritus, University of Massachusetts, Amherst where he taught economics from 1973 to 2008. He is currently a Visiting Professor in the Graduate Program in International Affairs of the New School University, New York City. He also teaches classes regularly at the Brecht Forum in Manhattan.

Znet is a great source for analysis of current events as well as a great place to debate and discuss.


Adafruit tutorials These tutorials cover soldering, using a multimeter, arduino, avr, all kinds of sensors, displays, motors, and much more. The arduino tutorials here are the best I’ve seen in terms of explaining the programming language to newcomers

Sparkfun tutorials Sparkfun has tutorials for beginners and advanced level makers. Don’t know anything about electronics? The “Bite Sized Primers” cover how to read datasheets, using breadboards, binary and hexadecimal numerals, LEDs, batteries, serial communication and tons more.

Arduino Have a question about using a certain component with an arduino? Ask the community! Arduino supports a vibrant community of makers ready to help you out of your current jam. If you can’t find a tutorial for your component on the main site, ask in the forums and you shall receive!

Collin Cunningham’s video series from MAKE. These video tutorials are super friendly for beginners and cover circuit board etching, kit making, surface mount components, project enclosures, prototyping, guitar pedal hacking and more! In addition to the “Collin’s Lab” series MAKE has a series hosted by Collin Cunningham called “MAKE Presents” that goes over individual components like resistors, transistors, capacitors, and LEDs. Perfect for beginning electronics!

Jeri Ellsworth’s Youtube page has tons of great accessible information on all things electronic including an animated “A to Z of Electronics” series.

Jeremy Blum’s Arduino tutorials are an excellent resource. Currently there are ten tutorial videos that average about fifteen minutes each.

Fritzing is a wonderful open source software for creating layouts, schematics, and even pcbs. It’s real strength is the breadboard layout feature that is user friendly, very pleasing to the eye, and easy to understand. The folks at Arduino and Adafruit use Fritzing for their tutorials.

MIT’s Free Online Course Materials for Electrical Engineering and Computer Science!


Arduino Store allows you to buy straight from the good folks that created the arduino!

Digikey is good for almost any component especially if you need a whole lot of something.

Mouser is pretty much the same deal as digikey. It may have a little less selection but it is a much friendlier web layout.

Electronic Goldmine has great prices and some really cool and crazy things now and then.

Sparkfun is your number one source for breakout boards.

Adafruit has lots of kits and parts.


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