How It’s Made: T-SHIRTS

Each shirt is handmade by the Revolt Lab Cooperative just for you! After looking into all the options of professional screen printing, heat transfers, and direct digital printing, we decided to invest in our own screen printing equipment and print our very own Revolt Lab T-shirts! By making our own, we get to control the conditions under which the shirts are made and the materials we buy! Yes the garment industry is an exploitative one, but maybe if you buy a shirt or two we can afford to start supporting garment cooperatives or at least buy our blank shirts fair trade! Here are some pictures of the process and final product. Colors are vibrant and hold up to machine washing!

White shirts need only one layer of ink. Other colors require multiple applications.

This is the screen printing station! On the glass you can see the transparency for the wrench pattern ready to be burned into the screen.

This is the red ink screen with the fist pattern already burned into it.
Here is the screen coming out of the drying rack with a full layer of emulsion. It goes right from here onto the light table to have the pattern burned.
Here the red and yellow layers are drying in preparation for the final ink layer. For glow in the dark ink, we put down a base coat of white ink first.

Here it is all done!

It takes a little over an hour to make each custom shirt.


For those interested in making your own, here are the materials we use:

Yudu Screen Printing Machine

Yudu Inks

Yudu Screens

Yudu Tshirt Platen


Yudu Emulsion Masks

Yudu Adhesive Mats

JERZEE 50% cotton 50% polyseter Tshirts

Hair Dryer

Clothing Iron


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